The time has finally come!

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To manage the Beepsend platform, we put a lot of trust in the amazing work done by others. In other words, we use open source technologies for almost all parts of our platform. We have during a long time felt that we should give back more to the community. During these discussions, we came to the conclusion that the least we can do is share our experiences with you!

How do we do this? The Beepsend Tech Blog crawls out of its cradle!

This blog will bring up any problem we feel we have solved in a nice way. It will span through the whole software stack from the backend server architecture to nifty solutions to frontend and UX problems and methodologies we use for deployment procedures or just how we keep the team spirit up. Some things will probably revolve around sending SMS, but many topics will of course be general and applicable to any software product. The plan is to release at least two blog post each month, so you have something to look forward to!