Triggering A2P SMS from your system – dead easy!

 In Operator News

I just read a text by Infobip CEO Silvio Kutic, saying that from 2016, SMS is getting easier to integrate with existing business. To be quite honest, I’m not sure what he means by that. It’s already dead easy and has been dead easy for quite some time.

Beepsend provides a full range of integration options, and surely there should already be one that suits most parties.

  • REST API – A full API, including documentation and code snippets in several languages that will allow pasting in an existing solution to add SMS to the functionality. This would be for integration of custom business systems.
  • SMPP – The industry standard API for SMS
  • Plugins to ERP and CRM systems. A good example is Beepsend’s collaboration with AppShark to provide a SalesForce integration.
  • Zapier, which is a general service where events in one API can trigger events  (“ZAP”) via another API. You can easily create a ZAP which sends you an SMS when you are mentioned on twitter, based on Pingdom alerts, when files are updated on Google Drive, when you send MailChimp send-outs, as an interface to HipChat, when a client is moved in the Streak funnel and so on. Zapier supports hundreds of different services and any of them can be combined with triggering SMS. The opposite is also possible – you can use an SMS to trigger an even in any of these services. Text to add events to your google calendar, confirm alarms and so on.
  • Lastly there is a web portal allowing you to upload list and send to the parties in that list.

Is there anything missing? What else can be added? Plugins for new systems can always be added, but I see this as a quite comprehensive range that should cover most needs with minimal efforts. Wouldn’t you agree?