Message to Operators regarding A2P Market

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Pontus Berg - Director of Carrier Relations, Beepsend

Welcome to the first Beepsend A2P Market News Update. We want this news update to be short and informative for you. I’m going to cover some general tips about Monetising A2P and some trends I have noticed coming back from WAS events and more. Also, you can find some of my published posts on the A2P Market in Operator News.

Thank you for your time, and hope to see you at WAS #4 Oct. 31st in Dublin, Ireland.

Pontus Berg – Director of Carrier Relations, Beepsend



Monetising A2P

A general reflection on operator awareness on monetising from A2P:

  • First step is understanding that a filter is not optional, but mandatory, for seeking to capture the revenues.
  • Second step is understanding that the filter needs to capture all sources. Capturing grey traffic via international signalling is great, but if the filter doesn’t capture the national interconnect and traffic via own SMSC (both rouge Large Accounts and SIM box traffic) then much isn’t gained.
  • Third step is to also maintain the filter parameters. Like your virus killer, even if you have the best such program on the market, without the updated virus definitions, you are not protected to current threats.
  • Lastly, in a fully protected network, then finding the relevant price point, realising that it’s not sustainable to charge over five cents as that scares off legit traffic is also key to reach the commercial sweet spot.

Where are you on this scale?


Trends from WAS

Operators meet twice a year at the “Wholesale Agreement & Solutions” group meeting. For the second time in a row the GSM Association hosted a session on A2P which was very well attended.

The general reflection was that a number of operators have protected their networks, but there is still a significant portion left unprotected. Even several of the major groups have not addressed it.

The view on A2P seems to have taken a full 180 in a very short timeframe. Some two years ago, A2P providers were considered shady players lurking around in the shades. Now most parties see them as fully legit players of the industry, and an indication of the potential is that you find many of the key A2P providers as sponsors of the WAS event.



Noticeably most of the aggregators offer a more coherent product portfolio now. The offering towards enterprises is still the main focus, but many have also established a range of products targeting the operator community. An SMS filter is now a key part of the offering, but aggregators have taken different routes to this. Some developed their own filter and others work with one of the existing filter providers. Beepsend took the later stance; we identified the leading provider on the filter market and offer their filter with Beepsend’s Managed Service. This, rather than losing focus by providing both the A2P service and develop a filter product.



I would like to remind you all about The Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO) A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Research survey which closes June 7th. This is a follow-up to the initial report from last year and your participation is highly appreciated  as your vendor feedback is very important to us in our work to continuously improve our services.

In early 2016 they also released two new reports; one where A2P providers gave their view of their business and one where SMS filter providers gave their view.