A2P Market Update for Mobile Operators attending WAS#4

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WAPontus Berg - Director of Carrier Relations, BeepsendS#4 is approaching and Beepsend will be represented by Andreas Åkesson (COO), Jacqueline Hennessy (Head of Enterprise Sales) and myself. We would very much like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss SMS Filter/Management and A2P termination. Plus the millions of USD per year that is up for grabs if you do this right.

We will show you how combining the expertise of Beepsend, a Tier 1 Provider of A2P SMS Messaging and Cellusys, a Tier 1 SMS Firewall Provider, will efficiently address the increasing demand operators have for Network Security and A2P SMS revenues. We will also talk about how we can contribute with a clear and well implemented A2P strategy, extensive knowledge of the A2P aggregator ecosystem and how using a technically adequate and proactively managed SMS filter is the only way to meet the objective. We can promise a ROI in less than 12 months, without you needing to secure any budget for it. Below you will find a bit of additional background.

If you would like to take this discussion further with us please secure a slot in our calendar by booking at beep.youcanbook.me or come by the Cellusys booth, where we will be ready to assist you.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you at WAS#4 in Dublin.

Pontus Berg

Director of Carrier Relations, Beepsend

A2P and filter – why bother?

We continually remind operators of the value of A2P and the necessity of a filter. Without a filter, Operators carry technical costs for the termination in their network, but they receive no part of the revenue, as almost all traffic will terminate via grey routes. The only way to take the justified place in the value chain is to block the unpaid termination and offer valid paid routes.

So let’s look at the potential revenue (MUSD/year):

The table above shows the scenario for three operators of different sizes, and three scenarios on number of messages per week. For the purpose of the simulation, the assumption is a termination price of 2,5 US cent. The conclusion is that a 5 million sub company with a quite modest traffic volume should earn 16,3 MUSD/year on A2P termination. How much of this are you capturing today?


It’s our general belief that when you want professional results, then you want to deal with experts. In the recent ROCCO report, the operator community considered Beepsend to be one of the four Tier 1 A2P providers globally. For filters we collaborate with Cellusys, one of the three Tier 1 providers of SMS filters according to another ROCCO report. By combining the strengths of two dedicated experts in their respective fields we deliver a complete solution without compromises in either area.

“Why filter management – we can do it ourselves”

In the joint offering, Cellusys contributes its fully GSMA IR.71 compliant “SMS Defence” filter which targets all sources of threats ranging from international and national connections to own SMSC sources, like SIM boxes and Large Accounts. Beepsend contributes their A2P market expertise, tools for proactive penetration testing and monitoring, and assurance that all filter parameters are up-to-date and ahead of the game. Penetration tests can document the termination methods used via the connectivity to over 200 international aggregators and service providers. This compared to Operators themselves typically being limited to being reactive, given no access to proactive test tools. We can also extract knowledge across our customer base and secure all of our customers.

If your corporate governance doesn’t allow Beepsend to make changes to active filters, we can offer a process where we propose filter rules that you implement by accepting them in the interface.

The commercial model is quite flexible but our guarantee is that we can provide a full ROI in less than 12 months for a network with poor filtering, including set-up based on revenue share, where you don’t even need to secure any budget. We can accept remuneration as a share of the new revenue generated.

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