Beepsend Honored as Top Innovator of 2017

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Beepsend, now part of the Twilio family, was ranked as a leading Innovator worldwide by mobile network operators in The Innovators Report 2017 conducted by the Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO).

The survey results are based on 265 MNO responses, from 142 MNOs in 119 countries who participated in the open and confidential research from October 2016 to January 2017. Out of 91 vendors included in the survey, only six made “Top Innovator” status.

The survey covered 18 KPIs within the broad categories of leadership, creativity and engagement:

  • Leadership KPIs are about how leaders in the vendor are thinking and taking actions with a view to innovation.
  • Creativity is all about a vendor’s ability to invest in research and development and standards and be able to make new products and services from the opportunities that present themselves in the market.
  • Engagement KPIs are all about a vendor’s ability to engage with their customers and deliver positive innovations.

Some areas where Beepsend rated particularly well were: making products that increase quality for MNOs; challenging and developing new standards in the industry; and originality of ideas. MNOs cited “there are many vendors and Beepsend are the most pragmatic” and “Beepsend are very original thinkers, we need that in this industry”.

The Top Innovator results of the ROCCO report were released shortly after Beepsend was acquired by US-based Twilio. Twilio’s mission is to fuel the future of communications. Developers and businesses use Twilio to make communications relevant and contextual by embedding messaging, voice and video capabilities directly into their software applications. The addition of the Beepsend team in Malmö further expands Twilio’s global reach.

“What’s clear is that MNOs need the support of innovative vendors now and those who have found solutions to innovate the industry with better quality, prices or efficiencies will win the respect and business of MNOs. Beepsend is a leading vendor in A2P SMS Messaging. They appeared in Tier 1 of our A2P SMS Messaging Report in 2016, are known for innovation in the industry and are highly appreciated by fellow vendors and MNOs ,” says Jason Bryan, CEO of ROCCO.

“It’s an honor to be voted a Tier 1 Top Innovator of 2017 vendor in all of the Roaming and Interconnect industry by Mobile Operators. This is a confirmation that it’s more important than ever to continue collaborating with our operator partners and push forward with new ideas, think out of the box and continue being agile, “ says Pontus Berg, Twilio Director of Carrier Relations.