Take Control of Your A2P SMS Revenue

Are you losing A2P revenue? Are your customers complaining about SPAM?

If yes, then your answer is an SMS filter.

SMS Filter Offering & Management

Beepsend is an expert in Global Application To Person (A2P) SMS now offering a market leading SMS filter solution. This filter is able to capture all threats which exploit the free/low cost routes in your network that eat away at your potential SMS revenues.

In addition, we offer managing of the filter to ensure grey route elimination, including recurring penetration testing.

Why Use A Filter?

Providers of A2P services have routing engines that select the best route for a given scenario, based on price and performance. Such providers have many choices, which means that if there are multiple options for terminating SMS with an operator, it’s likely that the A2P providers find the cheapest one. If it’s free, it’s almost guaranteed that aggregators will find and use it.

The operator might want to offer all their A2P SMS via an appointed interface, but if the market has access to other interfaces with lower prices, it’s likely that traffic will flow that way. This is why it’s very important that operators have the technical means to safeguard that this traffic takes the routes mandated by the operator. This is what an SMS filter does.


Capturing All Messages To Help Secure Your Network

A filter must capture all relevant scenarios:

  • International signalling lines, capturing A2P over the mutual forgiveness international roaming signalling relations i.e. relations where no AA.19 has been signed
  • National signalling lines, capturing the scenario where national competitors earn an arbitrage between the international interconnect rates they receive and the national interconnect rates they pay
  • Non-paid usage of Operators own SMSC
  • Usage of SIM boxes and other SIM/subscriber initiated wholesale termination

Featuring Market Leading Flexibility

A filter must have all the relevant features and capture messages based on:

  • Global titles
  • Message content
  • SenderId
  • SenderId type (alpha, numeric, short code)
  • Frequency per sender

Filter triggered, the filter must be able to send delivery report always, never or sometimes.

Our Filter Can Be Extended

SMS Home Routing

Capture all messages destined for your customers, even if they are roaming.
There are several reasons to do this:

  • Monetize the termination for all messages
  • Ensure delivery of all messages
  • Avoid the scenario of multiple sendings of the same SMS
  • Protect the integrity of the customers by not exposing to others that your customer is roaming

SS7 Firewall

Close the MAP-gap that enables illegitimate access to customer information, as highlighted by the GSM A Fraud Forum late 2014.

Roaming Steering

Hybrid SS7 and OTA for optimal efficiency and minimal customer experience deterioration.