Beepsend White Label A2P Product

Enterprises need a reliable way to communicate and connect to their customers globally and SMS is the best proven method for such communication. Based on Beepsend’s solution, Operators can offer the service with no CAPEX, minimal OPEX and time to market in a few weeks.

Why SMS for B2C relations?

SMS is triggered via business solutions within the enterprises, and these messages are called Application to Person or “A2P”.

  • Unlike e-mail, SMS is read within minutes
  • Unlike OTT solutions (Viber, WhatsApp) SMS is the only messaging solution all customers have – there is zero fragmentation
  • Unlike apps, all customers have it installed and also enabled

Given that operators have commercial relations to many enterprises, are the “go to partner” for any telecommunications need and seek new commercial opportunities, it’s advisable for them to have an A2P SMS offering. However, such a solution requires establishing an API, a routing engine (also supporting Least Cost Routing), multiple of international relations for cost efficient global termination and personnel to manage the solution.

As the operators have the customer base and Beepsend has the technology, we offer a white label A2P solution that will allow operators to sell A2P to their enterprise base without the CAPEX and OPEX to establish such a solution themselves.

The Beepsend White Label A2P includes

  • A solid, well documented API reachable via a dedicated URL, e.g. “”
  • A customer fronting multilingual web page with information and reporting, that is adapted to the graphical profile of the operator
  • A dedicated set of “routing profiles” (where each profile is a set of technical interworking relations, that make up the customer offering). Connections in these can use a mix of operator specific relations and relations provided by Beepsend

Who does what

Contract/Account management with Enterprise

By Operator

Customer registration

By Beepsend

Active route management / Network Operation Centre

By Beepsend

Customer care

First line by Operator

Second line (optionally also first line) by Beepsend

Customer invoicing

Beepsend can offer both direct customer billing (in the name of the operator) and providing the operator with the billing data

Statistics and reporting

By Beepsend