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For Operators

Mobile Operators are experiencing an increasing year on year A2P traffic growth, but few capture all the revenues they can from this traffic. This by either not being in the monetary flow or by over-charging and thereby killing the commercial opportunity. We can help operators monetise their SMS A2P traffic, by helping them protect themselves from grey routes and by finding the commercial optimum of the charged rate.

As a result of Beepsend’s change requests, you can now find the AA.60 agreement template supporting A2P relations on the GSMA website. Read here how Beepsend contributed in paving the way for all participants in the industry to make operator relations faster and easier.

Our services for Mobile Operators include SMS Strategy, SMS Filter Management, and A2P White Label.

“Great provider who we can trust and who have helped us a lot with their knowledge of the market!”  Rocco Report

SMS Strategy

SMS Strategy

In this increasingly complex world, it’s key for the operators to understand the market to ensure they optimise their opportunities.

Filter Management

SMS Filter Management

This filter is able to capture all threats which exploit the free/low cost routes in your network that eat away at your potential SMS revenues.

White Label

White label A2P product

Our white label A2P solution will allow operators to sell A2P to their enterprise base without the CAPEX and OPEX to establish such a solution themselves.