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Businesses need a reliable, simple and effective way of communicating with their customers.  With over 800 mobile operator network connections worldwide, Beepsend enables businesses to connect to their customers anywhere in the world.

Learn how we can expand your consumer reach to new international markets, solidify customers relations, streamline processes and strengthen brand engagement. No matter the industry or focus, organisations across the globe are capitalising on the benefits of cloud communication.



From 2 Factor Authentication, marketing campaigns, or time critical alerts, SMS is the fastest and most effective form of communication today. With over 6 billion mobile users globally, SMS offers vast global reach. And an incredible 98% of all text messages are read as opposed to only 22% of emails and the channel is unsaturated. Our platform offers you instant deliverability and complete control over your messaging traffic in real-time. So, you see the power of SMS messaging.

two-way SMS

Two-Way SMS

Engage your customers using two-way SMS for social networking, events, appointment bookings, TV entertainment, voting, gaming, surveys to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) and more. We provide local longcodes and dedicated and shared short codes. It’s an easy way for consumers to respond to your business offers and services. Start immediately with our web-based solution and open the door to increased revenue.


OTT Messaging

Using the Beepsend Messaging API, companies can now engage with customers via Viber’s instant messaging and calling app. This integration offers a secure and seamless experience to engage customers using their phone number. Connect now globally with just one API and communicate with Viber’s massive 754 million unique users in over 193 countries. 


Number Lookup

Optimise your message delivery with our HLR Lookup service. It accurately and instantly identifies the operator a number currently belongs to. You can clean your numbers on your database and accurately pinpoint your message delivery. It can also improve revenue margins and enable broader service coverage. Available for all major operators, eliminating billing complications and reducing your costs.



PayIQ helps you to generate interest in your products and services, takes the client through a secure and convenient payment function – no matter where the customer is located. Send fast, relevant and tailor made messages, directly to your customers mobile phones. Increase your sales with promotions and offers directly to your customer’s mobile.

Managed SMS Services

Managed Enterprise SMS Services

With a short time to market and tailored to your needs, Beepsend offers your company the ability to white label our Tier 1 SMS services for enterprise messaging your customers worldwide. Gain global coverage and connectivity to a worldwide network of operator connections through our SMSC. We can create a package based on both yours and your customer’s needs. 

How SMS Solutions Can Work For You

Fraud Prevention
One time password security

Loyalty Campaigns
Two-way SMS, Build brand loyalty, RSVP Campaigns

Business Streamlining
Two-way SMS e.g Contact Info change, Critical Responses

HLR Product
Database Cleansing of Mobile Numbers

Booking Confirmations/Ticketing/Check-in/out –

Automatic Trigger SMS
Remarketing & targeted offers based on shopping cart abandonment etc.

Marketing SMS
Flash sales, limited availability promotions 15% off first booking

Customer Feedback
Recieve instant Customer Feedback with surveys