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Save time and money and optimise message delivery with our HLR Lookup service. Beepsend’s HLR (Home Location Register) Lookup offers an easy solution to clean your contact list, enabling you to increase the effectiveness of your SMS campaign with updated and valid customer information.

A few simple steps can provide you with critical information such as:

  • Whether the mobile number is valid or invalid
  • Whether a number has been “ported” or switched from another network with the same number
  • Identification of the country in which a mobile number is registered and its current home network
  • Assurance of local-friendly number formats
  • Identification whether numbers are landlines or mobile numbers

All checks are non-invasive and remotely performed, so the end user is none the wiser.

Plan and implement your SMS campaign more effectively by improving the accuracy of your data set. Start today with Beepsend’s HLR Lookup and see results fast.

Clean data lists   

Reduce SMS costs   

= Improve ROI