OTT Messaging

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Multi Media Messaging Across Platforms

Consumers’ communication behavior is changing. OTT messaging apps are expected to grow as a complementary service to SMS and have already achieved extraordinary adoption among consumers, with approximately 75% of global users now using communication apps (Ovum’s 2015 Consumer Insights Survey).

Stay connected with your consumers on all their devices, with delivery to mobiles, tablets and computers. By using Beepsend’s dedicated OTT API, companies can now engage with consumers via Viber’s instant messaging and calling app, offering a secure and seamless experience.

Send pictures, sound, video and full text messaging, with two-way messaging to be activated shortly. As another added benefit, a company logo can be enabled and activated, personally identifying the company sender with every Viber SMS sent.

Connect now globally with just one API and communicate with Viber’s massive 754 million unique users in over 193 countries. It couldn’t be easier.

Engage Your Customers

OTT messaging users are expected to top 2.19 billion by 2019, this represents over 80% of smartphone users worldwide.

The main areas of growth are Oceania, East and Southeast Asia.  While OTT messaging has already established a strong user base in China, the US, Brazil, India and Germany.

Over 52.5 trillion messages are projected to be sent in 2020, including 47.7 trillion text messages.  This is a more than a 130% growth from 2015 figures.  

*source: Statista 2016 and OTT Messaging Forecast: 2016–20