Two-Way SMS

Interactive Mobile Services to Increase Engagement

Engage Your Customers


Two-way SMS allows you to engage in a conversation with consumers, creating a powerful messaging tool and opening a new channel for communication, marketing and data collection.  From appointment booking to gaming and voting to surveys, two-way SMS gives your consumers a voice.

We provide local longcodes and both dedicated and shared short codes, offering an easy way for consumers to respond to your business offers and services.  Replies are delivered wherever you prefer: to your phone, inbox or directly within your software.  Start immediately with our web-based solution and open the door to increased engagement and revenue.

Some uses of Two Way SMS


Measure your Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score. Collect feedback with Two Way SMS for effective, easy and fast results.

Delivery and Purchase Notifications

Get confirmation of purchase, package delivery location and delivery time for e-Commerce sales.


In polling campaigns, text messaging is the most instant and cost efficient method of gathering results.